Topic-icon Weatronics BAT 60/64

Weatronics maakt nu ook complete zenders, en afgezien van de prijsstelling, doen ze dat goed!

De 60 is de handheld versie

De 64 is de pult versie

Veel mooie features, zoals telemetrie, inzetstukjes waarmee je het gevoel in de stick kunt aanpassen, allerlei waarschuwingen voor bv. problemen met accu's, enzovoort. Een complete oplossing waarbij bv. ook overbodige zut als powerbox of emcotec geheel niet meer nodig is (dit was het sowieso al niet, maar soit, bij deze set heb je dezelfde functionaliteiten).

22 Physical controls are monitoring up to 64 servos, which allows almost unlimited functions
96 Functions, which are the same like the former known “channels”
Extra large 5" capacitive color touch screen ensures good visibility and operability
Recording of ALL relevant flight data allows to check the model setup or to concrete error analysis
Freely configurable voice output over three modes via built-in speakers or via headphones
Use of all available 80 hopping frequencies inside the 2.4GHz band
Very fast data transmission of 100 frames per second
Internal GPS provides precise registration of the world time and allows the exact positioning of the model (if equipped with GPS module) on the ground and during flight ("Look and Find" function)
External connectors on the front page are protected against mechanical stresses and environmental conditions (2 USB ports, stereo headphone jack, microSD card slot, connection for PPM signal and USB mini B port)
Elegant teacher-student operating wirelessly or via PPM signal
Various stick lengths - stick with switches and encoders are available
High quality - for example, each RF module is individually tested before use (transmit and receive performance)
Neck strap attachment point centrally located providing perfect balance
Rubberised Hand Pads, textured back for a secure grip
Fully equipped with 2 three-stage toggle switches, 2 two-stage toggle switches, 4 three-stage rocker switches, 6 digital endless rotary encoders with additional push button function and 4 proportional potentiometers

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